Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bat-Landon Turns 5

My little boy was turning 5 years old and of course once again, he wanted a "Batman, and Superman, and Green Lantern, and ALL of the superheroes" type of party. So superheroes is what he shall get! After doing quite a bit of research for the perfect location, Landon decided he wanted to do miniature golf for his birthday. However, it wasn't just any kind of putt putt, but glow-in-the-dark putt putt....  Superhero Style!

First step was the invitation. With a little help from photoshop and some design time... I was happy with the final product. Superheroes unite!

Next, on the list was to come up with party favors. I sat outside on my porch with a pad of paper trying to come up with ideas when all of a sudden I was scared half to death as I heart a loud THUD. Quickly realizing what it was, I stormed out and picked up the stupid golf ball that the stupid golfer just hit my house with. Because I live on a golf course, this was quite a normal occurence. As I placed the ball in the bucket that was full of golf balls, it quickly dawned on me. Yes! That's it! Golf balls! I went to the store and bought bright yellow and pink paint, and then bought a black paint marker. It only took a few coats to cover the ball completely, and from there it was just allowing them to dry before using the paint marker to draw on them. I decided to make pink for the girls, and yellow for the boys. Talk about a cheap and easy party favor that was completely in theme. It was the only time I was thankful that the stupid golfer hit my house with that stupid ball!

Now for the heavy work..... The decorations.

After calling the venue, I was extremely happy once they told me that I was allowed to bring in my own snacks. From here, the creative juices began to flow. I went online and was able to print out a bunch of superhero characters. A friend of mine also found a book of superhero scrapbook paper which was a huge help in adding a little bit of flair. I began by cutting out the superheroes, then cutting strips of the scrapbook paper to tape them onto the mason jars, jugs, and vases. I also created little cards to go with each container stating what superpower was associated to what snack. We had, Penguin's Pretzels, Joker's Jackpot, Two-Face Oreos, and then suckers and candies that each had it's own designated super power strength. For the main centerpieces, I also created a batman and robin body, from styrofoam cubes, and used cake pop dowels and paper cones to hold batman and robin colored m&m's and skittles.

As a keepsake for Bat-Landon, I printed a picture of him in his batman costume and put it into a matted frame which was laid out for people to write messages on at the party. I almost left this one out, but am so thankful I didn't because Landon loves it! He constantly looks at it and can remember everyone that was at his party and read all of the little notes that were left for him.

Last but not least, the cupcake stand and the cupcakes. I definitely overdid it on these. Thankfully I had a wonderful and amazing family friend that helped create them. For the cupcake stand, we used just normal platters that were wrapped in tinfoil. I then found different types of superhero scrapbook paper to add some color to the stand. To hold the platters in place, I grabbed four soup cans and covered those with scrapbook paper as well. Once the platters were decorated, I glued a red fringed ribbon to the sides to make all the pieces come together.

We used fondant to create the shapes for the cupcakes, and then used fondant markers that allowed me to fill in all of the little details. Although it was a lot of work, the end result was amazing.

 Thanks to all of the little superheroes that came, Landon was able to celebrate his 5th birthday with a POW!


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